We schnitzed! This campaign won first place in the District 11 National Student Advertising Competition. Our team placed 11 out of 120 teams nationally.

The ask: Change the perception of the hot dog.

Our strategy: Hot dogs celebrate any moment.

Creative solution: There are over 170,000 words in the dictionary and not one of them could describe the feeling of eating a hot dog. So we made our own: Schnitz! Go Beyond. Go Schnitz.

How we managed the account: Alongside my account director, Grace Gandolfo, I aided in running all-team meetings, coordinated all group travel efforts and managed budgets over $15,000. We worked tirelessly to facilitate a positive environment conducive for the best creativity and strengthened efforts between the team, advisor and school faculty.

Password to all videos below: hotdogsrock



Account: Grace Gandolfo, Elizabeth Beymer

Strategy: Kristen Friis, Hannah Kloft, Jeremy Bondy, Emily Gonzalez, Katherine Dean, Paige Price

Research: Colin Kearney, Kristen Friis, Paige Price, Elizabeth Beymer

Art Direction/Design: Haley Koch, Maile Sur, Lindsey Epifano, Darragh White, Sophie Wood, Aodan Reddy

Copy: Olivia Howe, Ryan Seibold, Teddy Popick, Annika Minges

Production: Will Nielsen, Ryan Killeen

Media: Chris Hieb, Lynn Nguyen, Annie McJacobs, Dani Torrey, Zaria Parvez